Heels pain concerns on your mind?


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If you are a high-heel lover, our innovative, comfort insoles design will exceed your expectations wearing trendy heel shoes with wearing comfort. This will be the most extraordinary experience you ever had in high heels. GMF Insolia® weight-shifting insoles are a pain-relieving technology designed by American Podiatrist, Dr. Dannenberg and engineered by an Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) aerospace scientist.


Our insoles allow a precise biomechanical adjustment to the position of the foot that shifts weight off the forefoot and back to the heel for a more natural gait and posture.


What creates the pain of high heels?


Forefoot pressure is caused by weight sliding forward causing:

  • A burning sensation in the ball area
  • Pain spreading to feet, legs, and lower back
  • Difficulty in walking or standing
  • Extended pain throughout the whole day



GMF Insolia® weight-shifting insoles have the solution for you.


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How our GMF Insoles are Different?


  • Allow a Graceful Gait & Straighter Posture
  • Supply Better Balance in Ankle Support
  • Evenly distribute weight to the ball and heel of the foot
  • Relieves strain in legs & lower back
  • Increases walking comfort and stops foot slipping forward in the shoes
  • More comfort allows you to wear your heels up to 4x longer


GMF 舒立雅 Insolia®高跟鞋重量轉移鞋墊
GMF 舒立雅 Insolia®高跟鞋重量轉移鞋墊
GMF 舒立雅 Insolia®高跟鞋重量轉移鞋墊


Why they work?


GMF 舒立雅 Insolia 高跟鞋重量轉移鞋墊介紹


In Shoe Pressure Measurement & Analysis


In the image on the left (without Insolia) you can see that 75% of a woman’s body weight is on the balls of her forefoot. The red, orange, and yellow spots are causing this discomfort, pain & pressure.


With Insolia weight-shifting insoles, (image on the right) the same woman, same shoe, same foot shows an incredible weight shift from the forefoot. With Insolia, even 75mm heels had restored proper weight distribution in.


GMF 舒立雅 Insolia®高跟鞋重量轉移鞋墊之比較

3D Motion Capture (MoCap) Analysis


By using Motion Capture (MoCap), a New York City study, we fitted our model in an LED encrusted body suit and fitted her heels with LEDs. We were able to document ?much more than a modest improvement in posture.

By achieving correct body alignment with weight shift to the heels, we restored a natural heel-to-toe motion allowing for a 9% increase in stride length.



Walking Efficiency & Comfort Independent Research


The Wales Centre for Podiatric Studies in England and the Centre for Biomedical Sciences conducted a research with ten female high heel wearers who were randomly assigned shoes with heel height of 15mm (flat), heel height of 70mm (high), heel height 70mm with GMF Insolia® weight-shifting insoles. The conclusion was that wearers:


  • Oxygen consumption decreased
  • Heart rate reduced
  • Stride Length Increased


Data was collected while walking for 10 minutes and then rating the various aspects of comfort of the shoes, concluding that heel height of 70mm with GMF Insolia® Inserts installed, scored the same or better than the 15mm flat shoe.

GMF Insolia 高跟鞋 研究數據

Proudly earned the Seal of Acceptance (AMPA American Podiatric Medical Association) & The Endorsement from UK Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists College of Podiatry.