1. Why GMF Insolia® Weight-Shifting Insoles?
When we choose accessories and clothing, it is not just the brand promotion and advertising. We understand that everything has its value and performance. The need to wear heels is present in our work and daily life, but with us we always feel stressful and painful in our feet. If you have experienced this problem, we know that GMF Insolia can relieve your discomfort and annoyance because of its unique, patented design. You should choose the most professional, science based solution developed by a famous podiatric doctor and proven success from thousands of women.
2. What are GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles made of?
GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles are made of Polyurethane and are Rubber and Latex Free.
3. What type of shoes work best with GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles?
Any type of low or high shoes with a heel height of 3 cm or more are suitable for the installation of GMF Insolia®. Studies have shown that the system installed in heels 3-10 cm offer the most effective benefit
4. What is the benefits for Couture design v.s. Classic one?
Couture insoles is the enhanced & upgraded design with new heel cupping technology which allows shifting 10% more weight and less forefoot pressure; to have more precise fit is also designed for left and right shoes which can increase better balance & ankle support with body’s center pressure alignment.
5. My feet are wider, should I buy the couture or the classic ones?
Both Classic & Coture are effective for the weight shifting purpose. To choose the right inserts for yourself will depend on your shoe size you wearing. If you wear a half size then choosing one size bigger is recommended.
6. My right foot is larger than my left foot. How can I purchase GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles?
(1) If you are considering purchasing the GMF Insolia® — Couture, it is recommended that you select the size of the insole based on the size shoe you purchased. (2) If you choose to purchase GMF Insolia®–Classic, and your foot type is: For example, wearing EUR 35 on the left and EUR 36 on the right, you will need to buy P code for your left foot and buy M code for your right foot. The benefits of the classic insole are that there is right and left foot share the same design, so buy two pairs of different sizes can be installed on two pairs of different high heels.
7. Do I need a larger size shoes for GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles?
No, GMF Insolia® is designed to fit into your existing shoes. It is light and thin, and can be fixed to your heels without affecting the fit of your present shoes so there is no need to buy bigger heels for it.
8. Will wearing socks affect the benefit provided by GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles?
You can wear any socks, stockings, panty hose …etc. and GMF inserts effectiveness won’t be reduced.
9. How to install GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles?
Follow the links below to find simple easy to follow instructions on installing.

Couture buy and install teaching links.
Classic buy and install teaching links.

10. Are GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles more difficult to install on boots?
The installation is easy but you may find boots a challenge to get your hands into. It is highly recommended that you install in regular shoes the first time. Once you understand how to install in your shoes, you will find it much easier to install in your boots.
11. Can GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles be replaced to other shoes?
Our insole has a strong adhesive backing to keep the product in position without shifting. This is why we recommend to begin peeling the backing to expose enough adhesive to position it correctly. Our GMF inserts should not be removed from shoe to shoe.

Note: GMF Insolia Inserts may not adhere to all shoe surface

12. How to clean GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles?
No need to remove the GMF Insolia® when cleaning. It can be wiped directly with a cotton cloth or toothbrush with a small amount of non-corrosive cleaning chemical.
13. I do not feel the effect of the GMF Insolia® Weight Shift High Heels Insoles. Why?
Differences in the shape of each person’s foot and the way they walk in high-heeled shoes varies. Studies have shown that not everyone has an instant sense of well-being but after wearing your heels for an extended time, you surely will notice less discomfort and the ability to wear your heels longer. If you often feel uncomfortable when wearing high heels, you may feel different in between in a few minutes. When the stance is improved, the body is pulled back, and the body weight is no longer concentrated at the toes. You will find that the soreness of your feet is lessened and the pressure reduced. The long term comfort level of wearing high heels is significantly increased.